Through Brandeis Media and as an employee of networks and other production companies, Jon runs shows, produces, directs, writes, edits, shoots, markets, designs websites and teaches unscripted and scripted content for television, film, the web and fundraising events – from guided improv to serious documentary to scripted drama, comedy and satire, from concept through post and marketing, on the set, on location and in the studio. Clients include, AMC, PBS, Comedy Central, fX, Showtime, Bravo, ABC, Lifetime, VH1, MTV as well as numerous production companies, universities, non-profits and corporations.

The sum of this experience demonstrates mastery of nearly every process required for uniquely tailored storytelling and content creation over all platforms. Jon approaches the planning and execution of an idea as a design component as critical to the success of a project as the idea itself.

Representation: ICM Partners, NY
(212) 556-5600