About Jon Brandeis


moi in control roomOf the 11 television pilots I’ve made, 9 of them have had series runs. I try to be inventive for each project when creating or producing unscripted or scripted content for television, film and the web – from guided improv to reality to serious documentary to scripted comedy, satire and social commentary, from concept through post, web design, distribution and marketing, on the set, on location and in the studio. Clients have included, AMC, PBS, Comedy Central, fX, Showtime, Bravo, ABC, Lifetime, VH1, MTV and numerous corporations. The sum of it is a track record that demonstrates a comprehensive and adaptable mastery of nearly every process required for successful cross-platform content creation.

I came up through the ranks – pa, sound, camera, directing, producing and post, which has been quite useful in understanding how things get done, how much time they take and how much they actually cost. When employed as a Showrunner or an EP, I often write, produce, direct and edit pilots. It always seems like the best way to learn the inherent beats of the project in order to more precisely build the machinery to mass produce it. This level of hands-on experience adds up to invaluable credibility when recruiting and managing staffs and in building creative environments for them, whether it’s just a handful of people or a hundred. It also makes it possible for me to take on smaller projects that require one experienced person with his own first-rate gear.

I believe the execution of an idea is a creative design challenge as critical to the success of a project as the idea itself. I promote competence, innovation, smart spending and active leadership, with a commitment to empowering people in their jobs. For the same reasons, I love to teach, and have developed and taught courses at NYU, The New School and Stony Brook University.