“Paddling for Humanity”
An exploration into a unique home-grown fundraising method for people in need in The Hamptons. 

Consulting Producer
Asylum Entertainment 
Development of 8 Episode series for AMC (NDA)

Development Consultant
Jupiter Entertainment 
6 Episode network series for Nat Geo (NDA)

Story Producer/Writer/Editor (Avid)
Warm Springs Productions / Missoula, MT
Fox: Legends & Lies: Revolutionary War Doc/Drama hybrid – 2 episodes.

Head Writer
Stephen David Entertainment
“The Making of The Mob”
For AMC – Writing and supervision of writing staff for 8 hour docudrama series about the formation of La Cosa Nostra in New York City at the beginning of the 20th century up through the 60’s. The drama focuses on the efforts of Lucky Luciano, Meyer Lansky, Frank Costello, Vito Genovese and Bugsy Siegel in their attempt to organize rival gangs and crime families into a highly profitable, unified criminal enterprise. Aired June 2015.

Executive Producer/Director/Writer
AMC: “Action Pack”
Short-form comedy following Matt McCarthy and Nick Stevens as they explore the streets and haunts of New York City talking endless and passionately about nothing but action movies.

PBS: “Dissonance and Harmony: Arabic Music Goes West”
Part of a CPB initiative called America at a Crossroads. This hour explores the struggle of the artist in the Middle East, followed by a journey by an eclectic group of Arab musicians from throughout the region to LA, where they collaborate with American musicians and perform at The Roxy, offering rare insights into the everyday lives and culture of Middle Eastern people.

Executive Producer/Director
Bravo: “Citizen Reno”
4 Episode non-fiction improvised sitcom with Tribeca resident and relentless performance artist Reno. (Entertainment Weekly and NY Mag picks.)

“American Bellydancer”
Released theatrically and on DVD with music impresario Miles Copeland; a documentary about the fall of the music business, art vs. commerce, tension with the Middle East, feminism and misogyny, concerning the 1st ever touring American Belly Dance Troupe. 3 American film festivals.

Life, Part 2 – PBS series pilot.
“Rock Bottom Remainders” (famous writers’ rock band)

VH-1: Behind The Music: “Studio 54”:
2nd season premiere – The rise and fall of the infamous nightspot, and the 70’s. 1st BTM 90 min documentary (People Magazine “Show of the Week.”)

VH-1: Behind The Music: “Woodstock”: 3rd season premiere
90 minute documentary on the original Woodstock – about the joys and horrors of putting on a massive, unanticipated historic event from the perspective of the producers.

Comedy Central: “Comics On Delivery”
Comic reality series regarding personal problems. Also developed and directed the pilot episode. Supervised 4 field teams and 8 edit bays. Staff of 85.

MTV: “The 24 Hour Show”
Reality pilot tracking the making of a 4 minute movie in 24 hours. With Peter Berg and Richard LaGravenese.

fX: “Lost & Found”
22 episode reality series- tales of friends and lovers reunions. 3 year run. Supervised 5 field teams and 11 edit bays. Staff of 120

VH-1: “Street Talk”
100 plus 1-minute “shows” with people-on-the-street.

Showtime: “The Funniest Person In America”.
Docu-comedy series on the road with Ellen Degeneres.

Lifetime: “Three Blind Dates”
Comic dating-doc series (Originally for PSN syndication.)

FuseTV: Tastemakers Weekend in LA:
One hour special investigating music scene in LA.

“In The Kitty”
Pilot with Caroline Rhea of long-lived weekly Hollywood celebrity poker game

“Inside the Irish Republican Army”
Syndicated news segment – 2 weeks spent in Belfast with the IRA.


Executive Producer/Director
AMC: “Liza Life Coach”
Cheri Oteri, formerly from Saturday Night Live, portrays a determined Life Coach, committed to making the world a better place, one anxious person at a time. The series aired as both a webisode at amctv.com and short form programming on the air, Wednesday nights at 8pm.

Producer/Director/Editor (field pieces)
Life, Part 2 – PBS series pilot.
“Lew Black on Aging” 

New Line Television: “True Tales of Romance”
Filmed narrative pilot developed for a series.

Jean Doumanian Productions
1/2 hour comedy pilot.

Late night pilot with Joy Behar

Showtime: Comic of the Month


Brandeis Media: “The Uncle Reality Project.”
An experimental 7 episode scripted video blog from a hard-working alien assigned to observe and try to communicate with the remarkable beings of Earth.

Workshop Director
The New School: 8 credit video workshop.

New York University: Grad. program/ Communications in Education.

Stony Brook University: Workshop on writing non-fiction for the screen

ReelWorks: Brooklyn-based film program for underprivileged kids

BFA: NYU Institute of Film and Television. Also studied at USC & Cal Arts.

Producer’s Guild of America / Producer’s Council

Web Design, Content & Marketing Strategy, Avid Editor/Owner/Teacher, Story Editor, Interviewer, Documentary Shooter.

American Bellydancer invited to 3 American Film Festivals
Chicago Film Festival National Certificate of Merit.
ITVA Bronze Award.
Published with byline. front page photo Arts & Leisure NY Times
Published: 2 short stories in Minetta Review
Barkas Award in Creative Writing – NYU.