8 Part Docudrama for AMC
excerpt – 9:57

For AMC – Writing and supervision of writing staff for 8 hour docudrama series, The Making of the Mob, about the formation of La Cosa Nostra in New York City at the beginning of the 20th century and up through the 60’s. The drama focuses on the efforts of Lucky Luciano, Meyer Lansky, Frank Costello, Vito Genovese and Bugsy Siegel as they attempt to organize rival gangs and crime families into a highly profitable unified criminal enterprise. Aired Summer 2015 to excellent reception.



AMC: ‘MOVIES AT OUR HOUSE’ – 56 episode short form series
excerpt – 1:33

AMC wanted to bring in viewer engagement and ad sales with a short form series wrapping the breaks. The premise is Jimmy and Rachel (Jimmy Pardo and Rachel Quaintance) have a show on AMC that appears before and after the breaks. Their guests are relevant to the movie somehow (actors playing real people) and during the breaks, they discuss the movie. But behind the scenes of the show, when it’s not “live”, is a fake mini-doc chronicling the intrigue and chaos trying to run a “live” show. I supplied the guests and backstories. The rest was all guided improv, lots of fun. The series ran for nearly three years and noticeably increased the audience share as well as ad sales.


Bravo: ‘CITIZEN RENO’4 episode miniseries
excerpt – 4:24

This project required a challenging and extremely unscripted process, but spawned a bounty of unique moments in the annals of reality television. Reno, a performance artist in New York City, is pissed off. She has suspicions that the city garbage trucks are dumping the recycling into the same pile as everything else. There are issues with tourists, dog-intolerance, traffic, science, politics, human behavior, civilization itself. Reno is a vigilante ready to battle anyone who has something to do with anything that’s just wrong. And she really IS this person, and insisted that she just live her life for us. It was like gathering gold dust in a hurricane, but it was there and we found it.

Entertainment Weekly and NY Magazine ‘Picks’.

EXECUTIVE PRODUCER (Pilot Producer/Director/Editor)
Comedy Central: ‘COMICS ON DELIVERY’ 13 episode series
excerpt – 4:24

I’ve often been brought into a project as a kind of ‘show doctor’. In this case I was brought in to execute this good idea someone else had sold to Comedy Central, which was that a stable of comedians was standing by to help you overcome your incompetence in buying a car, your terror of having your feet touched, to help you find the strength to accept your accelerating baldness or be man enough to discuss what might be just right for your wife in a lingerie store, or some other impossible little thing that made life intolerable. All improv.  Guest Comics included Jeff Garlin, Laura Kightlinger and Orlando Jones.

EXECUTIVE PRODUCER (Pilot Producer/Director/Editor)
fX: ‘LOST & FOUND’ – 22 episode series
excerpt – 10:31

This series was originally pitched and sold by Madelaine Smithberg and Liz Winstead, who bowed out to create The Daily Show. The idea was to reunite people who had been important to each other but had fallen out of touch. I was brought in to find a story, conceptualize, produce, direct and cut it into a segment very quickly. This video is that segment, which greenlit the order for 22 episodes. As the Showrunner I rented a 30,000 sq. foot space, hired private detectives and a staff of 120 consisting of 5 field teams and 11 avid suites. We shot episodes all over the world airing 6 weeks later. Rich Ross, our boss, came by and made a speech thanking us all for getting the show on the air in time. The series ran for 3 years.


AMC: ‘ACTION PACK’ – 82 episode short-form series

The assignment was to crank up engagement and ad sales with a short form series wrapping the breaks for Monday night Action Movies. The Action Pack is a couple of guys who are obsessed with action movies and wander the endless locations of New York City and never stop debating the fine points of the genre, but ultimately agree on their love of it. The series succeeded in holding audiences while attracting a prolific amount of revenue through product placement. We made over 500 30 second spots.







Lifetime: ‘THREE BLIND DATES’ – 25 episode series
(video not available)
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This series was the absolute first reality show about dating. It was originally produced for a syndication company, Partner Stations Network, then sold to Lifetime. Unencumbered by a host, three sets of two people revealed their romantic histories, foibles and hopes and were then thrown together to live out their fantasies and nightmares. 

VH1: ‘STREET TALK’ – 100 episode short form series
1/2 hour Special – ‘Fame
excerpt – 8:22

Street Talk was a weekly hour where I would turn up between completely unrelated music videos to talk to people about random themes, like finding the joys of mass transit, or exploring an event, like 3000 people playing 3 million dollar bingo at an Indian reservation. I produced well over a hundred of these 30 second to 2 minute pieces.